Empowering Children With Autism - Summer Day Camp

Mission Statement

Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC (KDS) is committed to creating a brighter future for children and families within our local communities by offering high quality developmental, behavioral, and mental health programming. We are fundamentally driven by the hopes and aspirations of our families and with the guiding principle that all children have an opportunity to flourish.

Core Values

Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC (KDS) believes every child should have the opportunity to thrive within their personal development, family, and community. KDS supports children in attaining their life long goals through our commitment to the following core values:




Holistic Approach – KDS believes in utilizing a holistic approach to care by taking into account each individual’s needs, the whole family and environmental dynamic.

High Quality Services - KDS delivers high quality home and community-based services with empathy, compassion, and a dedicated team.

Promoting Positive Life Outcomes - KDS aims to promote positive life outcomes necessary for children, youth, and young adults to reach their full potential as contributing citizens of a global society.

Infant and Toddler Early Intervention Program Philosophy – Early intervention services provided by Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC (KDS) are designed to support infants and toddlers with disabilities, at-risk children and their families to maximize the child’s developmental potential. Early intervention services administered by KDS are founded on a partnership between families and early intervention personnel. Our program focuses on meeting the unique needs of the child, addressing the concerns and priorities of each family and building on community-based resources.

ABA Program Philosophy – Through a strength-based family service approach and appropriate individualized interventions, including but not limited to Discrete Trial Training (DTT) (errorless learning, shaping, modeling, prompting, facing, correction, and reinforcement to encourage skill acquisition), Antecedent-Based Interventions ( behavioral momentum, cueing and prompting, modifying task demands, errorless learning, priming, non-contingent reinforcement, and time delay), and Functional Communication Training (FCT) (reducing problem behavior and increasing communication and social behavior), ABA services offered by Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC aims to enhance the behavioral, social, communicative, and adaptive functioning in children, youth and young adults to support in the mastery of achieving their targeted behavioral outcomes. Utilizing assessment, progress monitoring, and data-driven decision making, individual and group ABA services offered by Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC will include ABA behavior analytic, behavior consultation-ABA, assistant behavior consultation-ABA and behavioral health technician-ABA services.

WE Empower authenticity, foster creativity and growth

Quality – We believe in evidence-based therapies and that success is achieved through a collaboration of the entire interdisciplinary team. Our staff is key in providing input and understanding of how we can raise the bar to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of services each and every day. It is our goal to develop creative treatment plans for your child that will promote growth in all areas of their lives.

Transparency- We are committed to true authenticity. We welcome our families to ask questions and expect them to receive answers in a timely manner. We share the how’s and why’s with our staff and encourage communication about any concerns. We approach every interaction with compassion.

Empowerment- We value the power of a team aligned for a common purpose and vision. We foster an environment where both families and staff are encouraged to communicate ideas for enhancing our programming. Everyone contributes to the conversation of the treatment plan for your child’s success.

Family-Focused – Blue Balloon is family owned and operated and believes that each family and staff member in our circle is part of the broader Blue Balloon family. Parents/caregivers and families are embraced as valued members of the treatment team to facilitate your child’s success. Staff is a part of the family and contribute daily to our successes with your child, whether it be a session or a friendly voice answering a phone call.

Access for All – We celebrate and embrace each unique individual. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion across our children and staff. We show a deep respect for others and have an inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed and recognized for their merit. Blue Balloon was granted a 3-year accreditation for our excellence in programming by the BHCOE.

OUR Service Locations

Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC (KDS) is a world-class center for children of all ages who are on the spectrum. We provide customized services that support children, their families, and their support systems in several different environments tailored to the child’s unique needs.


Offering Early Intervention,
Afterschool, and Social Skills Groups in a warm, nurturing environment


Skill acquisition is incorporated into a child’s natural routine with flexible scheduling options


Immersive community experiences designed to take learned skills from therapy into the real world


Connect with our team to know more about how we can help


Join our team and help us in transforming the lives entrusted to us


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