Kutamani is dedicated to empowering children, youth, young adults & their families with tools & techniques to help them succeed.


Service Highlights

Special Instruction

The Special Instructor designs the learning environments and activities that help to promote the acquisition of skills by your infant or toddler, including skills for language, communication, cognitive processes and social engagement.

ABA Individual and Group

Individualized ABA services offered by KDS will include intensive one-to-one therapeutic interventions and support. On-to-one therapeutic interventions are designed to increase skill development and coping strategies within the individual’s natural environment. When appropriate, a small group format will be utilized to address the child, youth, or young adult's individual treatment needs with the goal of stabilizing, maintaining and/or maximizing functioning within the home, school or community setting.

Parent Training

One-to-one parent/guardian(s) training will consist of the basic principles and techniques of applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Each uniquely designed intervention will be specific to the individual needs of the child to increase independence, daily living skills, and functional communication. As an integral part of ABA therapy, certified employees of KDS including the BCBA and BHT-ABA will be available to coach families through their concerns with behavior, consistency, and compliance with following directions. Therapeutic interventions will provide appropriate consequences for skill building and help parents to become a contributing part of the child's therapy team.

Nutrition and Dietary

A nutritionist/dietician conducts individual assessments for nutritional history, dietary intake and concerns associated with feeding. A nutritionist/dietician will monitor appropriate plans to address the nutritional needs of your child and make referrals to appropriate community resources to carry out nutrition goals.

Speech and Language

The Speech and Language Pathologist is responsible for the implementation of home and community based early intervention services for children ages birth to three years old in the Philadelphia County region.

Home and community based services

Home and community-based services offered by Kutamani may include services in settings where your child spends most of their time and where services and supports are most needed.


Kutamani is dedicated to providing services that allow children to live out all aspects of their daily lives…. Through infant and toddler early intervention programming, we focus on activities that help to promote social emotional, language and communication, physical, cognitive and adaptive development. Each child’s individualized family service plan is tailored to meet their unique needs and prepare them to meet their milestones, such as starting school.


Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard in assisting children with autism develop new skills and improve socially significant behaviors. ABA is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Surgeon General and the National Academies of Science as the best practice for individuals with autism and other neurological conditions. Through a strength-based approach, Kutamani Developmental services will offer ABA programming to children, youth and young adults with Autism and other specified neurological disorders.


OUR Service Locations

Kutamani Developmental Services, LLC (KDS) is a world-class organization for children, youth and young adults with early childhood diagnosis, developmental delays, along the spectrum and with other neurological disorders. At KDS, we provide customized therapeutic services in the home and community setting tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual receiving service.


Offering Early Intervention,
Afterschool, and Social Skills Groups in a warm, nurturing environment


Skill acquisition is incorporated into a child’s natural routine with flexible scheduling options


Immersive community experiences designed to take learned skills from therapy into the real world

Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services for Applied Behavioral Analysis (IBHS-ABA) for Allegheny County

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services

Infant and Toddler Early Intervention (0-3 EI) for Philadelphia County


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Sept 2022

What To Know About ABA


One of the greatest values in the application of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) can be found in how reinforcements are set in place to promote and reward positive behaviors so that they become more frequent and, to discourage undesirable behaviors.

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Oct 2022

Seasonal Changes For Children With Autism


The changing of the seasons can be a fun and exciting time for children and their families. There are holidays, breaks from school, and new weather to enjoy or avoid. Milestones, memories, and special events are all things to look forward to – but they can also be stressful and cause challenges for children with autism.

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May 2022

Potential Signs of ASD Disorder

Theresa Scott, Psy.D.

Potential Signs of ASD Disorder. According to the CDC, one in 54 children in the United States is now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Despite increased autism awareness, 25 percent of children with ASD under eight yrsld, are still going undiagnosed.

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